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Tips For What To Avoid When Choosing A Carpet In Newcastle

Undoubtedly, carpet is one of the most luxurious and comfortable flooring options available in the market. There is a suitable carpet for each room in the house or office. Whether it’s a soft carpet for your bedroom, a luxury carpet for the living room, or a practical carpet for the hallway - there are a wide variety of carpet options available from which you can choose!

But purchasing a brand-new carpet is not something people often do. Also, visiting the carpet shop in Newcastle upon Tyne is a rare occasion. Because of this, customers get easily confused by the carpet buying process and usually end up with a carpet that will not match their lifestyle. Therefore, before you head towards a carpet shop in Newcastle and leave your money there, it is better first to be informed about how to shop for carpets.

In this article, we have compiled a few essential tips for what to avoid when choosing a carpet for your home:

1. Weight Is Not Everything

This is probably the first thing we warn people against when buying a new carpet. Do not think that a carpet with a higher face weight is superior to a carpet with a lower one. When you are purchasing a carpet from a carpet shop, there are also so many other decisive factors that come into play and will affect your ultimate decision.

But unfortunately, not every carpet shop retailer in Newcastle upon Tyne is well informed about these factors and can genuinely help consumers to make the correct choice. So make sure to look for a reliable carpet shop and don’t just buy from the first carpet shop you come across.

2. DO NOT Skimp On Underpad!

We cannot emphasise it enough that: your carpet is only as good as your underlay. While buying a new carpet from a carpet shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, it will be one of the biggest mistakes if you decide to skimp on carpet underpad. We do understand how hard it is to justify spending extra money on something you can’t even see. But believe us, most of the time what you can’t see matters the most!

A better grade underpad is essential because it decreases the amount of wear and tear your carpet gets by absorbing the impact of high traffic and heavy footfall. Not only does it feel more comfortable to walk on but will also help your carpet look better for a longer period than a low-quality pad would.

3. Choose Carpet According To Your Lifestyle

When choosing the right carpet, it is essential to consider the lifestyle of your household and what will fit the best of your needs. For instance, a large family having multiple pets and children crawling on the floor will have various requirements than someone living alone. They will require a carpet that has increased stain resistance and can survive high amounts of traffic.

So while you are at the carpet shop, make sure to consider all these specific factors that should affect your final decision.

Newcastle Carpets

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