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We are an experienced team of fitters, carpet specialists and logistical personnel that have come together to help customers get a faster, smoother and more satisfying experience from what can be a very stressful time. After many years in the carpet trade, we have watched countless middle men take slices of a big fat pie, which is your money! It's time you, the customer said, "ENOUGH" and came straight to one group who consults, buys, sells, delivers and fits all on your behalf. Welcome to 599 Full House.

As you deal with our sales personnel, delivery staff and fitters you won't need to worry about the carpet arriving late, if the fitter lacks experience with your type of carpet or if you forgot to buy underlay, carpet gripper or floor plates. We do the logistics and extras so you can just sit back and marvel at your new flooring.

If you are still undecided about our service, then why not give us a call to arrange a free meeting or estimating session?
Our phone number is 0 777 999 666 1
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