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7 Questions You MUST Ask Your Carpet Fitter!

So you have finally come to a point where you want to update your existing carpet. It no longer suits your decor, and you may be noticing some issues regarding possible mildew deep beneath the surface. You’ve received referrals for new carpet fitting companies. Still, you’re hesitant to make the initial call because you don’t have enough knowledge about the carpet to ask the critical questions that need to be asked.

Sound familiar? If yes, then you are not alone. Many customers in your position often put off the same type of discussion – but the good news is you do not have to. There are many questions that you should ask your professional carpet fitting company, but we have compiled the seven critical ones for you:

1. What Qualifications Does The Carpet Fitter Have?

The most crucial thing is to know whether your carpet fitter is qualified enough to do the job. Before hiring, you must ask your retailer about the carpet fitter’s work experience, qualifications, and whether they undergo regular training on an ongoing basis to make sure they keep up with the industry’s latest trends.

Additionally, check they are familiar with the British Standard BS 5325b – the code of practice for installing textile floor coverings in new or existing buildings.

2. Can I Have Some References And See Some Work Samples?

It’s always helpful to see your potential carpet fitter’s sample work to know what they can do and how they work. Plus, this way, you can also see whether they are reliable and how well they adhere to the schedule agreed upon.

3. What Underlay Will Be The Best For My New Carpet?

Underlay is not an optional extra - it plays an essential role in how flooring feels, wears and looks. Without high-quality underlay, carpets don’t absorb noise in the same way, and they can be unpleasant to walk on. That’s why most people purchase new underlay whenever they buy a carpet.

Based on your usage, various types of carpet underlay are available, such as Polyurethane (PU), Rubber and Felt etc. You should ask your carpet retailer or fitter about further details on which underlay suits your new carpet best. But if you don’t have much budget, you can also stick with your old underlay as long as it is still in good condition.

4. Do I Need New Carpet Grippers?

Yes - new carpet, new grippers! Grippers provide a firm grip to your flooring, keep the carpet stretched, and help prevent any movement that may cause bumps. Ask your carpet professional whether you need to purchase new grippers or not. If so, ask them what kind goes best with the carpet you’re chosen.

5. Is The Quoted Price All-Inclusive?

“All” doesn’t always mean everything. Unfortunately, there have been times when a customer thought they had been quoted with an all-inclusive price, only to realise they hadn’t after getting a separate bill for the installation. So while asking for the quoted price, make sure both the sale and installation of the new carpet is included.

Some carpet fitters would include Value-added tax (VAT), uplift and removal of old carpet in the quoted price, while others charge for those separately. In order to get a clear idea, get a complete analysis of the overall charge so you can compare it with other potential fitters.

6. How Long Will The Installation Take?

Let’s face it; depending on your project’s scope, time-frames may significantly affect how you operate within your place. Once your carpet fitters have come to your house for the consultation, they will have a better understanding to evaluate how much time the project will take to complete. So it is always necessary to get a time frame for the carpet installation from your fitter before the project begins.

7. How Do I Best Maintain This Carpet?

This is critical. How you should maintain your carpet depends on various factors such as carpet type, threading, and durability. For example, how you care for Cut-Pile carpet may not be precisely the best way to care for Loop Pile carpet. Same goes for different manufacturers and different qualities of carpet.

The main point here is to ask your carpet professional if they have any care and maintenance suggestions that are particular to the type of carpet you are going to purchase. And to be safe, see if you can get some printed guide from the retailer that deals with care and maintenance.

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